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Low Self Esteem? Practical Ways To Be More Confident

Low Self-Esteem?

Are you the one who has low self-esteem? Always looking for confidence tips on the internet? Do you really have low self-esteem? If so, then we are going to discuss the root cause of low self-esteem and how you can change your view.

So, what is low self-esteem? First, we need to understand the meaning of self-esteem. Self-esteem is a term associated with very low confidence, feeling shy, avoiding every social event, avoiding the crowd, and inability to express themselves in society. They are the people who have enough reason to criticize themselves. Most of the time they think negatively of themselves.

low self esteem

But every introverted person may not be the guy. Because some people are introverted with life but they are very confident people, talk less and when required, but have enough confidence. We are not talking about these types of personalities. We are focusing on the people who really do not have enough confidence to face every obstacle of life from inside and outside.

Possible Reasons

There are various reasons for having low self-esteem. Also, we cannot assume all the people in the world to be the same. We came from different environments, places, and diversity. Low self-esteem may be caused by various conditions.

  • Scientific reasons
  • Cultural point of view
  • Geographical patterns
  • Genes
  • Parenting style
  • Childhood’s bad memories
  • Humiliation
  • Different kinds of abuse
  • Unhealthy Society

These factors play an important role in the background for personality development. They affect a lot of self-growth. If you have bad parenting nourishment, you are likely to be frustrated. Likewise, if you have an unhealthy lifestyle and do not have enough dopamine-filled foods, then from a scientific point of view, you develop low self-esteem.

So, there are various causes. Some people do not have any kind of problem but still, have low self-esteem. So, we need to focus our life on a practical point of view. Because we cannot change our past but we can change our future. Reasons can be anything but we must change ourselves.

So, how do we get out of this situation? Are you going to live the rest of your life like this? It’s time to change now. People will change if they have strong willpower and determination. So, if you want to change, you will have to make an effort.

Root Cause Of Low Self-Esteem

From my own experience and research, there is one root cause of low self-esteem. It is the habit of never appreciating yourself. Those people who appreciate themselves move to the next level while those people who do not have to appreciate always expect something. If you are a teenager you are likely to have this habit. No matter how you try other methods but without appreciating and finding yourself, you will never make progress.


Yes, the judgment habit is the one habit that is the root cause of your unhappiness. People are unhappy with their looks, life, and society. A study suggests that most people are unhappy with their looks. Low self-esteem, is one of the root causes.

  • I wish to be taller.
  • I want a little white skin.
  • wish to have straight hair or curly
  • wish to have a small nose or a little broader and visible
  • That girl looks beautiful. I wish to be her.
  • A Six-pack body is all I need.
  • Why can’t I be like everyone else?

If you are a teenager, you are likely to develop this habit. So, if you have low self-esteem despite looks, you need to understand many things now. I see a lot of mature people also have this habit. You are not only judging yourself but other people also. Also, do you wish to live other’s people life forgetting your own?

So, why do you want to live in other people’s lives? Why do you hate yourself because you do not have the body feature like other’s people? You need to stop comparing your life with others. Because life is short and limited, wasting your time being someone else and dreaming about it is a bad choice.

If you are developing low self-esteem because of judging yourself and putting yourself in the downside, you are not living anymore. Appreciating yourself and moving on is the best solution. People are recognized by their talent and efforts, not by their looks. Are all successful people handsome in the world?

Successful people do not have time to judge themselves and other people. They simply accept themselves and move on. If our insecurities come from our looks we need to settle them. It is a narrow-minded and selfish thought.

If you still need a practical reason I will explain it below.

1. This world was carried on by strong people, not the handsome people

Yes, if you are still living in this judging world, you need to understand that your forefathers may not be handsome but they were the strongest to continue this life race.

low self esteem

Nowadays we are focused on looks but in the past times, we focus on our strengths, skills, and ability. So, there is no reason to be shame of your looks. If you want to pass on the generation we need to focus on our strengths than our looks.

No matter how good-looking you are if you do not have any skills nobody will like you. Being handsome or beautiful is not the solution to your self-esteem. Your hard work does.

2. You forget your place on this earth

While you are too busy judging other people in your life, you forget your importance in your life. You also occupy space on this earth. That means you have values as all other people do. Always do something for your life. Do not spend your life analyzing other people and what they do. It does not matter until you improve yourself.

low self

If you accept yourself, other people will follow you. Because you do not accept yourself and start to judge other people, nobody will like you. It’s like judging yourself with other people is a crime. Always enjoy your life in your own way.

3. You are afraid of what other people will say to you

If you are hypersensitive, you are always seeking attention. You are likely to develop the thinking that you should be respected and be accepted by all people like a celebrity. This is where the false perception comes from.

How can you expect that you will be liked by all the other people? Even celebrities have millions of haters.

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So, all you need is just to live. There are some people who will always want you to like yourself and some always reject you no matter what you do. There is no need to be liked by everyone else. You should accept this fact and move on.

Never be afraid of what other people will say about you. Because it’s their sense of humor, not yours. Let other people judge you but you should not have to lose your confidence.

4. You may be affected by media

This is the generation of media. There are televisions, mobiles, laptops, cameras, and all sources of visible technologies. People are developing more trust in-camera photos than in real life. They are giving a high value to these types of things than in real life.

This is the reason why people are conscious of their looks. In the past, there were no such thing and people were happy. Because there is no machine to judge them.

low confidence

Nowadays people’s self-esteem depends upon their social networking sites. The higher the likes the more confident. Also, we compare our life with the model we see on the tv screen. But we forget that the film industry and media are only one part of surviving like other fields too.

So, we need to understand the meaning of reel life and practical life. Don’t judge yourself with reel life people. Instead, be an example of real life.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that we all have some sort of insecurities in our life. Some people take it very seriously and develop low self-esteem. There is no such thing called perfection. We all are beautiful in our own manner. Copying other people is the main root cause of low self-esteem. So either accept yourself and your flaws and live like a king or judge yourself and live the rest of your life like a hell. It all depends on you. This habit will never give us success.

Because the look is a major concern nowadays and people are comparing with other people to develop low self-confidence, this should not be a matter. People need to understand themselves and live in their own way.

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