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Best Way To Break Bad Habits

Best Way To Break Bad Habits

We all have different types of bad habits. Throughout our lifetime we learn different types of habits. We learn good habits and bad habits. Good habits are those habits that will help us direct toward our goal, self-improvement, and success. All the people universally accept good habits. So today let’s discuss the best way to break bad habits.

But at different intervals of time in our life, we may develop various types of bad habits. Because bad habits are easy to learn and follow, we may develop bad habits knowingly or unknowingly. We may develop bad habits from friends, seniors, copying other people, and many other sources. Once it becomes an addiction, bad habits are hard to quit.

So, overall there are various types of bad habits that will never help us achieve our goals and success in our life. These habits will limit our self-improvement. So, we spent our whole life correcting these habits. Bad habits are slow habits and form an addiction to our life. We all have seen and heard the result of bad habits.

People already know the result of bad habits but they can’t help themselves get rid of it. This is considered the biggest problem in our society and the world. Because once our bad habits become an addiction, it is very difficult to reverse it. The study suggests that it takes 66 days to bring change to our bad habits. We should think many times before involving in bad habits.

So, today we are going to discuss the best way to break bad habits that are capable of destroying our life making us unsuccessful throughout our entire lifetime. What are those bad habits, let’s discuss them.

What Are Those Bad habits?

1. Best Way To Break Bad Habits is to remove laziness

Okay, you might be wondering is this a habit? But this is a serious and complicated issue. Being lazy and inactive is the greatest human threat. Because this world is the result of hardworking and active personalities, laziness is simply our limitation. Because many people are already in their comfort zone, and they do not want to get out of there and want to progress.

This habit is most common in different countries. Being unemployed and wasting quality time on unproductive ideas is a common issue. Many people have the habit of spending their time watching television, playing video games, and other social media. If you have this habit, it is sure that you are not going to be successful. It will be very difficult to achieve a livelihood also.

Best Way To Break Bad Habits

Yes, laziness is enough to destroy your whole life. If you do not get out of your comfort zone, you will limit your progress. I believe we should spend our quality time on something which adds skills to our life. People are either lazy or not willing to improve themselves. This will be the greatest mistake and the worst habit.

There is also a proverb “If you do not build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs.” So, for self-improvement, laziness is a bad habit and is the root cause of our unsuccessful life. The more you become lazy it becomes a habit, and further, it will demotivate you.

  • Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Stop wasting your time.
  • Stop thinking and start doing.
  • Focus your time on developing your skills.
  • Action is the key to success.

Laziness is one that habit is enough to ruin your whole life. So, we should utilize our time properly because time and tides wait for none.

2. Consumption Of Different Types of Chemicals

The use of chemicals is another major bad habit and the greatest threat to mankind. Different types of chemicals such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are the reasons why people are losing their life. Once these chemicals are overused it becomes an addiction and more people are suffering from the use of these different types of chemicals.

The internet is almost full of suggestion to get rid of these habits. How to quit smoking, how to get rid of drugs, how can I lower my alcohol level, and so on? So, before following and using different types of chemicals, we should analyze the result. This is one of the life-threatening habits for humans.

Best Way To Break Bad Habits

Using these types of drugs and chemicals increases the higher chances of mortality rate. Following are some of the facts:

  • 2 billion people consume alcohol, and 76 million people are affected by alcohol worldwide.
  • 1 out of 8 Americans is an alcoholic.
  • More than 480,000 die each year due to smoking in the United States.
  • The life expectancy of a smoker is 10 years less than a non-smoker.
  • 35 million people worldwide use drugs where only one receives treatment.

So, if you have this habit, you should know that it is a life-threatening habit and should be conscious. Many successful people are also dying at an early age by following this habit. So if you are heavily consuming these products you should stop now and consult the doctor.

3. The best way to break bad habits is to stop overthinking

Overthinking is another bad habit that anybody could have. It is not the solution to any problems. Instead, it makes us mentally weak and hypersensitive. Thinking about the past and the upcoming future could create serious trouble. It may cause anxiety, stress, and depression.

Self-criticism is also the result of overthinking. If your happiness depends upon other people then you are an overthinker. You are judging yourself and other people at the same time. Thinking too much that how other people will respond to you is also the result of overthinking. It is also the negative thought that comes into our brain.

So, it means that you never appreciate yourself and always blame your personality in the first place. It helps to develop low self-esteem and our confidence level gradually decreases. This judging habit will never give us success. Because overthinking is negative thinking, it really decreases our mental stability.


Lots of people might have this problem with overthinking anything they do in life. If you are afraid of what other people will feel about you, then you should stop self-criticizing yourself. Always accept who you are and move towards the goal of your life. Do not live in the illusion of perfectionism.

If you have this habit, stop thinking and start doing. Do less care and add some positive changes to your life. Do not try to be perfect and be real.

  • Your life begins when you accept yourself.
  • Avoid negative thinking.
  • Ignore negative people from your life.
  • Judge less and become more practical.
  • Practice self-compassion.
  • Always believe in yourself.

Overthinking is a bad habit that you should give up for your self-improvement.

4. You forget your biological balance

A bad habit that anybody could easily develop is ignoring their biological health. Biological balance includes the proper management of your daily schedules such as waking up on time, eating right and healthy foods, going office on time, and sleeping on time. Also ignoring physical health is a bad habit.

If we do not focus on this type of small habit, different types of diseases may easily attack. This is a must habit and if we go on ignoring it, we may not live long. There are millions of people who are ignoring this major habit and they are at the risk of death. Because if we do not focus on major habits, what’s the point of improving other habits.

human body

People have an unscheduled lifestyle and are very busy with their life. They do not have the time to manage everything on time. Having no fixed schedule and working continuously affects our physical and mental health. People may not have time to drink water and no time for doing exercise and eating healthy foods.

  • More than 400,000 people in the United States die each year due to unhealthy foods and developing heart disease.
  • 1 out of 4 people does not get enough exercise worldwide.
  • Around 27.5 percent of people do not get proper exercise which leads to the risk of developing diseases.
  • People who exercise live longer than those who are physically inactive.

Among all other habits, this is a prime habit that everybody should follow seriously because people always ignore this habit. Without forming proper physical health and giving enough nutrients to our body, improving another habit has no meaning. So, all people need to be health-conscious which is the best habit of all habits.

These are the major bad habits that are capable of destroying our life. These habits are directly linked to our self-improvement and self-development. Apart from these habits, there are other habits that we should quit right now.

  • Not respecting other people
  • Teasing the disabled people instead of helping
  • Fighting for religious views
  • Speaking vulgar words in front of senior and junior people
  • Watching too much porn
  • Relationship with multiple partners
  • Overspending money
  • Animal abuse like dogs teasing and killing
  • Not respecting your parents and shouting at them
  • Communicating too much with your point of view only
  • Not listening to people’s ideas
  • Demanding something that your family cannot afford
  • Child abuse
  • Bullying poor people
  • Always talking about other people
  • Betting money on games and other things
  • Showing too many superiors
  • Spending too much time on makeup and physical appearance
  • Starting a war on social media comments
  • Make fun of poor-looking people
  • Drinking too much alcohol and making noise in local areas
  • Telling secrets of other people
  • Getting angry on small matters
  • Beating mentally ill people instead of supporting
  • Too much prostitution
  • Thinking about own benefit only
  • Copying other people’s lifestyle
  • Making fun of your own teammates when absent
  • Not returning debt when taking a loan
  • Social Discrimination

So, these are some trending habits that most people are following nowadays. The best Way To Break Bad Habits is to avoid all the above-mentioned points.


There are lots and lots of other bad habits that are present inside us. If we want to improve our lives and achieve success, these small habits play an important role in our life. Because only the right habit leads us to success. Some bad habits are enough to damage our life. So, knowingly or unknowingly we may develop different types of habits. We should leave the bad habits and follow the good habits for our own benefit.

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