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Why Do We Need Motivation

Why Do We Need Motivation

Let me ask you for how long are you going to continue the rat race? The race began a long time ago. Are you happy about what you are doing? For how long will you hide your insecurities from this world? This world thinks you are the strongest or the weakest, and you believe? How much self-motivation do you have?

Yes, it’s the nature of this world to hide all emotion and sacrifice oneself for happiness. The temporary happiness from pleasing people more than you. Your happiness is just for the show because you do not have time to create your own one. Do you want to show this world how brave you are by hiding all your happiness and emotions?

Because you fear anything will go wrong and you will not be pleasing the people again. You fear your status, you fear you will lose all of them? That’s what this world is about. But no one is going to admit this fact, will you?

Life is hard and we need to struggle but does that struggle gives you a sense of yourself? What’s the point of living being invisible to yourself and being dominant in the world?

I do not mean to say that you are not doing well. Actually, you might be the most successful person in this world. I just meant to say that are you happy what makes you successful or rich or famous? Does that really give you a sense of pleasant feeling or you are doing it because you are already in the rat race?


Because your satisfaction matters the most than your successful life. If you are not happy, what’s the point of proving the world? This is important for today’s generation because people are in competition to hide their feelings and prove themselves as lions.

Hiding your emotion from the world is best but when you suppressed your emotion to yourself, what can you expect. If you do not have time to respond to yourself, you are not even living or living in another dimension. You are living in other’s people lives.

Oh yes, now then begins a journey of depression, frustrations, disappointments, mental issues, anxiety, stress, and so on. What I am trying to say is that self-motivation matters the most in our life. People who always follow their passion, dreams, and desire are the happiest ones. They do not need any medication.

So, people are forced to live in this competition, a rat race, they simply need self-motivation. Because the longer it continues it is going to create problems for the upcoming generation. It is a disease that will not be transmitted if and only if we stop ourselves and force ourselves towards the right path of self-motivation.

Why does today’s generation need more self-motivation?

Self-motivation is the best motivation that one can inspire fulfilling their own space. Today’s generation of self-motivation is a must because people are easily lost. People need to find themselves in this tough competition. Competitions are everywhere from the school level to the old age home, there is competition. Some survive and stand while others don’t. They simply give up because of a lack of direction and self-motivation.

I believe people should give more time to themselves than other activities. That’s the point where motivation begins. Because the world is growing bigger and there are more obstructions and disappointments than possibilities and positivity. So, people do not live their life nowadays. They are living in other people’s life not because they are forced but because they are taught to do so.

So, today’s generation needs self-motivation because of various reasons. Let me explain some of them.

1. We are almost far from nature

We all know that nature is our primary home. The farther we go the more we miss our original home. We may progress a lot with urbanization but our motive element is always in nature. You may be thinking what logic is this? Does nature have anything to do with our self-motivation? But this far relationship and destroying nature is what humans will be compelled to lose their identity.

why do we need motivation


Yes, I meant to say that now with modernization we are narrowing ourselves. We are not connecting with nature. Various scientific studies proved that spending time with nature increases our energy, happiness, creativity, memory, and self-esteem.

Even 5 minutes of green activity boosts our mood and self-esteem. Now it’s obvious that this generation is missing a lot of nature and motherhood as the previous forefathers enjoyed. Now, this generation is tough to survive.

“It is, unfortunately, true that our generation and that of your parents have left you with a big mess that will now be yours to clean up: wars, budget challenges, pollution, global warming, battles of health care, natural disasters. They’re all there for you. We’re willing those to you. Are you ready?” John Morgridge

So, this generation needs more attention. We are not closer to nature. This means it again helps us to develop low self-esteem and people can be frustrated easily. Living in urban areas is progress but not for the inner peace of mind. We are forced to live now like this and we cannot go to the jungle again but we can improve ourselves and motivate ourselves by being closer to nature.

2. We are already in the rat race

Yes, today’s generation is on the rat race. Without thinking we try to accomplish and try to win every situation. People do not have time to analyze what’s worth or not. They just want to live their whole life without understanding the meaning of life.

why do we need motivation


Yes, this rat race is the reason why so many people are forced to do something that they never desire and live their whole life being sad and depressed. It’s common to get frustrated during the rat race because you are not exploring yourself. All that matters is race.

“The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you’re still a rat.”Lily Tomlin

In this situation, all we need is self-motivation and direction. We need to identify our passions leaving out the rat race. The only way out of the rat race is your strong determination and willpower that only comes when you motivate yourself and inspire yourself.

3. Technology affects self-motivation

Technology has evolved so much that we can do everything and anything from our own homes. It makes our life easier but at the same time, it disconnects our real life. Technology is a good thing because it makes our life easier and faster than before. But this comfort really disconnects us from meeting other people and the world.

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.”Bill Gates

Various scientific studies suggest that the overuse of technologies has a great impact on today’s generation. Especially it has been proved that there are mental issues with the use of digital dependence. For example, social media for contact and work stress through information overload.

why do we need motivation


So, it’s common for anybody to lose their mental stability and self-esteem. This downgrades our own self-improvement and lowers our self-motivation. People can easily develop low self-esteem by comparing themselves with this modern equipment.

Crime and terrorism have also increased with the use of different types of technologies. Over-reliance on gadgets, addiction, and social depersonalization are also significant disadvantages.

I believe this world needs to be closer. But instead, it is becoming far away with this technology. So, it is also one of the best reasons for this generation to limit self-motivation.

4. This world is already frustrated

Due to overpopulation, the world is narrowing down day by day. This world used to be broader and more chances and opportunities used to exist. But nowadays the condition has changed. This world has enough reasons for frustrations and excuses nowadays.
The world now has depression, frustrations, disappointments, stress, anxiety, mental instability, negativity, selfishness, attitude, greed, loneliness, diseases, superiors, narrow mind, unhealthy lifestyles, job competitions, unemployment, pollution, social discrimination, racism, and so on.



This place is becoming a better place to panic. Competitions are everywhere are opportunities are fewer. Stress level is gradually increasing from the previous generation. Overpopulation makes the condition worse. So, anybody could be lost easily in this scenario. This is the ultimate truth of the trending world.
Anybody could have any problem and could be easily frustrated. If we are not strong from our inner perspective, we may lose ourselves. So, self-motivation is a must factor for this generation.


The bottom line is that the world is becoming a very cold place. We must always find our way in this tough competition. We must always make ourselves ready by motivating ourselves and becoming stronger.



If we are not strong from the inner side, chances are less that we may easily be frustrated. Also, it is the advice that we must always follow our passion and dreams. A key to self-motivation is always following our desire and passion no matter what the condition is. We really need to improve ourselves and focus on our values rather than following the rat race.

Thanks for reading this post. Have a great day.

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