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How To Deal With Negative Feelings

How To Deal With Negative Feelings

Yes, I have been there most of the time. We all have been there, and we cannot deny it. Negative thinking is part of our life. If there is a positive, there will be a negative. So, today let’s deal with negative feelings.

How To Deal With Negative Feelings

Anybody could develop a negative feeling at some point in their life. But it’s okay. There is nothing wrong with it. It gives awareness to our minds at a certain level. If you are reading this to overcome the negative feeling, I am sure you will get rid of it.

We cannot dwell on feelings or emotions for our whole life. It’s temporary and will go away. There is nothing to worry about it. You just have to live. But for some people overcoming the negative feeling is really hard. The feeling that never goes away and constantly keeps coming into our minds interfering with our daily life. So let’s discuss how to deal with negative feelings.

What exactly is a negative feeling?

Any feelings that decline the positive state of mind that interferes with our personal life is a negative feeling. Negative feelings have no fixed definition.

Feelings that give us unpleasant sensations in our mind realizing that we are not worthy and capable of meeting our expectations and keeps constantly remind of the negative approach of our life rather than the positive aspect is a negative feeling.

Anybody could develop a negative feeling easily. We will need extra effort to develop a positive vibration in our minds. Excessive negative feelings cause depression, anxiety, stress, and mental issues. It directly affects our self-growth.

 how to deal with negative feelings

Low self-esteem and low confidence is the result of our own negative feeling toward ourselves. The good news is that we can always reverse the thinking pattern. Life is all about transformation. We can always transform our physical and mental states.

Life is all about learning. Sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we fail. We cannot assume life to be the same all the time. Therefore it is entirely normal to have these types of feelings.

What are the reasons for a negative feeling?

The correct answer is our expectations. Yes, you may develop a negative feeling when you do not meet your expectations. It’s the pretty same for all.

There are various other reasons to develop a negative outset on our minds. The country, place, the surrounding, our society, families, and our moral values also play the background role.

A child growing up in negative surroundings learns negative thoughts. It also depends upon our genes and the nature of our family members. If our family members are always fighting as we have seen in society, it is a factor contributing to having highly negative feelings toward those family members.

There are multiple reasons. Our failure, unsuccessful life, rejection, fear, self-criticism, disappointments, expectations, high hopes, frustrations, monotonous lifestyle, background, culture, geographical patterns, biological factors, surroundings, and past sad memories are some of the reasons for our negative feelings.

 how to deal with negative feelings

In general, if we do not meet any of those expectations, we may easily develop negative feelings. Negative feelings are often the result of low self-esteem. Because if we do not meet our desire we can easily develop low self-confidence.

Some people simply accept their failures and the majority of people do not accept the rejection. The main problem arises when we simply do not accept ourselves. Always desiring to change a condition that is not practically possible is also the reason for your negative attitude.

If the past is the reason for your negative feeling then you should let it go. It has no solutions. Whether it’s your breakup, accident, or bad memories, you should let it go not because it was past but because you have to move on.

Some real-life practical examples of negative feeling

Like I said earlier, there are two sides to life. If there is a positive, there will be a negative. Each and every condition of our life has two sides. It’s like two sides of a coin. It depends on your thinking, which side are you picking?

The majority of people are picking the bright side of life. That’s the reason why we are still in the human race. But trust me, you will heal yourself. All our emotions and negative feelings are temporary because I have been there. Not only me but the majority of all the successful people were there once.

Then they choose the positive side of life, accept the rejection, and move on. So, I find no reason to panic about your negative feelings. I am sure one day you are going to make it.

 how to deal with negative feelings

Okay, let me give you some real-life examples of negative feelings.

  • Consider yourself having a breakup with your boyfriend or girlfriend recently. I know what breakup exactly feels like, I know that feeling. It’s normal to have sad feelings because you missed your beloved one. That detachment feeling constantly gives negative torture to your mind. If you can forget your breakup within a couple of months, then you easily control your mind and feelings.
  • But if you dwell on this matter only, it is going to harm your mental stability.
  • There are both negative and positive aspects of the breakup. The negative side for you is you missed your most beloved person. You spent time and focus on your relationship.
  • The positive side of the breakup is that you learned something valuable from a relationship. Also, you identify the person that is not going to love your life.
  • So, there are both sides to the breakup. Now it depends upon you, which side are you going to take? Whether you accept your love failure and move on or you are going to force the person that does not love you anymore? It all depends on you.
  • Now the real problem is that most people cannot forget the past which affects their present situation. Now we are exactly talking about letting that feeling go away.
  • Okay, let’s take another example. Consider that you are currently seeking a job. You are rejected many times wherever you go. It’s normal to be disappointed about not having a job in the first place. Most of the people who are recently graduated have this constant feeling of rejection. But it’s okay. The condition gets worst when you try to underrate yourself with your ability. You have tried your best but still have not gotten a job.
  • The majority of the people really feel demotivated at this period of time because after, they could not manage a job to their expectations. The negative thinking about this condition is you could not get a job and be rejected for your abilities.
  • The positive side is that you learn something from the job interviewer which will add more confidence next time. Also, the bright side is that this rejection will enforce you to improve your abilities and skills, the next time you try.

So, I think and believe that negative thinking is always the optional thinking that anybody could easily develop. It’s easy to be sad, being demotivating but one needs an act of great courage to achieve something in this life.

If your willpower and determination are strong enough, no feeling and emotion can interfere with your life. But low willpower and self-esteem always result in the negative side of our life. It’s always a matter of choice.

So, also let’s discuss how we can let go of this negative thinking in our life.

How do you overcome this negative feeling?

No matter what type of negative feeling you have, you can always reverse your situation. All you need is a constant effort and willingness to change yourself in the first place. If you really want to transform yourself to avoid negative feelings and want to succeed, yes you can.

I believe everybody can change themselves because feelings are temporary and they will go away and come again but you should always be ready to fight this negative thinking.

1. Do not follow your mind

The best way to deal with negative feelings is not to follow your mind. This may sound silly to you. But actually, it works. Yes, we listen to our negative thoughts and respond to them quickly. But we never analyze and filter our thoughts. Experts estimate that the mind thinks between 60,000–80,000 thoughts a day.

Yes, too many thoughts will come to our minds. We cannot respond to our every thought. So, if we have too many negative thoughts, then we are only focusing on the negative side of our minds.


If you are so conscious about eliminating negative thoughts then you should always ask yourself. I mean you should be able to think from both sides. You just cannot blindly follow your thoughts.

Let that stress, depression, anxiety, and fear come to your mind. All you need is to just watch them and not respond quickly to your thought.

So, it means that do not follow the mind wherever it takes you, you should always be there to guard and filter your thoughts. Ask yourself:

  • Where is that thought coming from?
  • Why is that thought coming?
  • Is that thought worth it?
  • Will this thought make the progress in your life?
  • Is that thought necessary and is that significant?

So, after analyzing all above the question, you be able to be to determine what is the best thought for you. So, the problem is that people are ignoring good thoughts and keep engaging in negative thoughts.

The bottom line is that do not follow your thoughts blindly and do not always go wherever your mind takes you. If you are conscious enough, you will always be there to guard it. Practice this a lot if you have too many negative thoughts. Trust me it will work for you.

2. Follow the crowd

Another way to deal with negative feelings is to follow the crowd. If you are constantly having negative thoughts in your mind, then it’s time to go outside and feel the crowd. Various scientific study shows that people are likely to develop negative feeling if they are living alone for a long time. Also, better communication with positive people helps to prevent stress and gives a positive sensation to our minds.

It is a scientific fact that lack of sunlight is the main reason for anxiety, depression, and stress. Also, not only getting sunlight but working in the sunlight helps to release the necessary brain chemicals that are responsible for our positive thinking and eliminating our negative feeling.

 how to deal with negative feelings

So, it is always advisable to live in a crowded area if you constantly have a negative feeling and you seriously cannot get rid of it.

  • Do not live alone for a long time.
  • Step outside and feel nature.
  • Communicate with lots of people.
  • Get more sunlight every day.
  • Spend less time alone.
  • Get more advice from other people.

Most people know about this idea but no one is following because they do not have enough time and always make excuses. It is always a common tip from most psychological doctors.

People will only step outside when they are in the depressed and stressed phase. So, step outside if you simply have a negative feeling that you cannot control.

3. Accept yourself

Life is different from one another. Some people are rich, some are poor, some are ugly and few are good-looking. It’s not the same for all. For some people, life seems easy, for some people life seems to be really hard. The best way to deal with negative feelings is to accept yourself.

The positive thought is to simply accept yourself despite your looks, class, country, and culture. The negative thought is to compare your life and your body feature with other people and always blame yourself in the first place.

Most of the time your negative thinking will go away when you accept things as they are. People try to live other people’s lives and want to copy them and could not meet the expectation and blame themselves.

I personally think this is a foolish idea ever. Because we are not all same, we have different races. People need to understand that. Nowadays people are striving for only success.

This quote has a lot of meaning. Even if you are a success and not happy, there is no meaning. So, a satisfactory life is always better than a successful life.

People always try to change themselves. Change is good and success is good. But if your happiness is not there and success is just to show there is no meaning to it.


The bottom line is that we should always accept ourselves. This thought is the beginning of your positive thinking. Follow it.

Similarly, there are lots of other ways to develop positive thinking. Some are listed below.

  • Do not judge other people. This is a negative approach to your life.
  • Stay away from negative people. They will create negative vibes in your mind.
  • Always express your thoughts. Write in papers.
  • Practice meditation and yoga. This is the best solution.
  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Follow a simple lifestyle. Do not make complex.
  • Get consult from doctors from time to time.
  • Maintain good relationships with positive people. They will guide you and you can learn positive ideas from them.
  • Do not replace your negative thoughts with alcohol and other chemicals.
  • Always engage in some work if you have too many negative thoughts.
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day.

These are some simple tips that anybody can implement to eliminate their negative thoughts. These simple tips are important because people are making this issue more complex.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that our negative thinking is the result of our unsatisfied mind state. Negative thinking is the result of our fear that anything could go wrong. Life will always teach us a lesson in a negative way. People always learn so many things a hard way. We just simply need to accept our fate. These are possibly the best way to deal with negative feelings.

We should not try to convince our minds. Instead, if we simply accept and believe in ourselves, magic will start to happen around us. So be a warrior, not a warrior.

Thanks for reading this post. Have a great day.


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